welcome to syd's webzone!


Hi there! I'm Syd, also known as dustyhyena, Dusty, Shivee, or any of the other names I've gone by in the past!
I've been on the internet for a very long time and seeing it change into a corporate algorithmic bullshit hellscape sucks so bad. So I made myself a little site using this layout generator, and a lot of relearning html and css from the ground up again. Seriously, what happened to all the customization we used to have as users?! Do I have to do everything myself?!

... Nevertheless, there's not much to look at right now, but I appreciate you for visiting! Leave something in the chatbox over on the right, if you'd like?

Or, you could take a pit stop here and stay a while! There's a music player over to the left that I've plugged some not-so chill tunes into for the time being. Feel free to load in your own songs while you're sticking around!

site changelog!
1/3/2024: first edit of the new year! just added some more stuff to my about page :] maybe i'll make some more changes to my page later on? i recently played hypnospace and im getting MEGA inspo from it :]

10/20/23: just adding some smaller things

7/7/2023: THIS SCROLLS NOW! WHEEEEE also added a favicon! :D he tail wag
7/6/2023: found some more time to work on this and added a webamp to my page :] idk if it'll be more of a pain to keep it on the homepage or have it follow to every page esp if it restarts... ^^;
  • i wanna try looking at either blogging services or just doing an oldschool html-style blog here
  • make a links page
  • make a button!
  • though, i suppose i should probably be using the to-do list as my to-do list instead of putting it in the changelog, huh... LOL

3/21/2023: FINALLY got started on that about page!
2/15/2023: impulsively added a game shelf instead of working on my intro page. LOL
  • figure out how those css animations work properly... i wanna make a fursona page!
  • look at other people's about pages for inspiration!

1/30/2023: added some buttons on the left and in general just cleaned up around here!
  • note to self, find if there's a way to auto-update the sidebars so i wont have to do it every new page i make
  • css animations....?

1/17/2023: started doing THIS SHIT! check out this cool green my dudes...
  • gave this place some more life! working on graphics in my own time!
  • removed herobrine
  • temporary scm player... yall remember that?

dont worry about it